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about Dongguan Gui Sheng Plastic Co., Ltd. is a product development, marketing and customer service into a diversified specialty chemicals company, over the years with hard and unremitting efforts, experience and technology to provide customers with rigorous performance products and high level of service. Division I professional production and preparation: PP, water, vacuum plating, PP special material directly onto the handle oil and bottom water, PP special material directly onto the hard plastic bottom water oil, PP special material directly onto the UV varnish and bottom water, treatment agent 206, UV renovation of water, UV rework water, UV water back to silicone cleaners, plastic adhesive agent, plastic primer, PP bottom water, PA at the end of the water, PA at the end of Material attached to the agent, nylon material surface treatment, metal processing water, UV metal surface and bottom water, the metal surface UV enhancing agent, metal treatment agent, E061 neutral detergent, PP processing water, processing water, nylon and various special surface treatment of plastics water. All raw materials from Japan, Sweden, Germany, the United States and other countries imports. As the only Division I South special surface treatment of plastic additives company specialized in the plastic surface treatment technology enjoys a high reputation, is well known in the international plastics industry, the plastic due to some reasons of its molecular structure, its density Polarity is very low, in the molding product is difficult to color, thus affecting the aesthetics and quality. Such as: PP, PE, PA, etc. Single solution from the oil color on the bottle may have a technical term, will require surface treatment, and for which our target. Highly professional. We are committed to enhancing the full sense of service, improve product quality and expand service areas, the most advantageous features of the products and services to solve customer problems and achieve common development!...

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Product Express Neutral detergent Neutral detergent E061

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